A note from late-night lack of sleep in the warm embrace of Jordanian desert air..

Past few years of travelling, doing often times tough social work here and there around various parts of the world embraced by the misery, and being put in public more, than dozens of other people who deserve at least twice as much credit as I have been given, have made this kind of “superhero” impression of me. 


But have you heard about fake news?  🙂 


I am nowhere near being the Wonder Woman and my super power is powered by passion, laughter, and ridiculous amounts of caffeine, rather than by magic. :-)) 

Also, unlike the super heroes – I am mortial and I get destroyed.

I go into the world open and naked and barefoot, not knowing what I will discover. I am not brave, certainly not. There is a lot of fear in me. But I am curious to learn about that fear and to look at it from its bright side I am yet to find. 


The more I travel the more I realize It is the people I meet on my way who are brave. Masai taught me that it’s not the pain that makes us miserable. It’s the shame we feel for it that does. They live the simplest life in small houses made of clay and cow dung, they graze their goats, they eat manioc and they tell stories to their kids. They are often hungry and cold but they live their life with pride. I haven’t met people more full with happiness, than the Masai people.


I think there is softness in curiosity. And there is a difference between being brave and being curious.

What do you think?


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