Have you ever heard some of your friends or family members say they have visited one of the “Seven World Wonders”? I am sure you have. While travelling a lot, I hear people say this phrase quite often. And recently, as I heard it again from friend who just returned from visit to “Chichen Itza” in Mexico, I said

“No way!” “There is just no way for all this to be true!”

Great Pyramid of Giza – Seven Wonders of the Ancient World || My visit over seven years ago!

Despite my questionable math skills, I know for sure that I have heard “Seven World Wonders” being refered to faaaar more than just seven different names, seven places, or seven treasures around the globe. I swear, 57 is not 7. 😀 You can’t play me that easy, I know what I am talking about.

But do I really?

After quickly going through my own “checked off” spots around the globe and my knowledge about all places on “that list” I wasn’t so sure anymore. I got nine, which meant that . . .  I visited nine out of seven world wonders myself. That did not sound right.

Hagia Sophia – New 7 Wonders of the World || Last summer in Istanbul


I pulled out my huge volume of Encyclopedia Britannica, (Goggle’s soo overrated :D) and as soon as I red pages 566 to 569, I have realized that me, together with all those keen travellers, were all  wrong. And right.  At the same time!

There ARE Seven World Wonders on the list. But currently, there are also …  12 different lists. -,-   -,-   -,- 

Among them, there is a list of “Seven World Wonders of the ACIENT World”, a list of the “NEW Seven Wonders of the World”, one of “Seven Wonders of the World OF NATURE”, or the “Seven Wonders of the UNDERWATER WORLD”. Really.


Havana, capitol city of Cuba – New7 Wonder Cities of the World || 2013


Generally speaking, we all got tricked with our own game!!! Lesson for future? Check your resources and be more precise 😀 Since, apparently we happen to live in multiple worlds and universes, additionally with a possible planet B, it will make things easier if we stop playing with each other by naming things so funky. 

Why not making a longer list of all Wonders under one, concrete name? Ahh, yes – true. Each place would then lose on prestige and “coolness”, being x out of 100 for example, insted of out seven. And – there is a lot of business behind those lists (ticket prices among others) , I get it 😀


Brooklyn Bridge, United States – Seven Natural Wonders Of The Industrial World || Winter 2016


Hoover Dam, United States – Seven Wonders of the Industrial World || Summer 2017

However, just to put it out there – I really think that each single of these Wonders from all lists is exceptional enough to defend itself even at the spot 99 out of 100. Look these places up on Google or Britannica, whichever you prefer, or – just scroll through photos in this post and you will understand what I am talking about 🙂


Old City of Jerusalem, Palestine – Seven Wonders of the Ancient World || 2009



Grand Canyon, United States – Seven Natural Wonders Of The World|| Summer 2017



How did I even get into this topic? I wanted to say few words about the Acient City of Petra in Jordan, which happens to be on the list of the “NEW Seven Wonders of the World”, created in 2006. Petra, not without a reason, also happens to be my favorite and one of the most beautiful spots in Jordan, not to say in the entire Middle Eeast. However, confusion around the World Wonders as you see, required from me to spend a little time investigating the classification of our tresaures before I even try to approach Jordanian historical wealth  🙂


The Acient City of Petra, Jordan || 2010 and 2017

Now, as it hopefully appears a bit clearer, an article about Petra is coming soon! But, instead of posting a long historical epopei, I may try out on you my seven wonderful reasons, for why to visit Petra as soon, as you only can.




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